Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam
- October 01, 1995 (CD, LP)
- Nazgul's Eyrie Productions (N.E.P. 009)
- Orlok - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
- Demonos Sova - backing vocals on track 1
- Opyros - backing vocals on track 1
Re-pressed by Barbarian Wrath in July 2011 with one bonus track (Returned Favours).

Recorded and mixed January 1995. Re-released on vinyl by New Era Productions and Heidens Hart in 2018.

Read all about the creation of this record here

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1. Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam

Cum nihil omnia erat
Iam in vacuo existitis
Ille erat, est eritque
Siquando omnia destructa

Nomines ab imbecillis veriti
Sed fortes semper Hunc adorunt
Obscuritas etsi lumen gerit
Servitus etsi liberat nos
Mors et igitur vita
Odium perpetuum est
Ignis glaciesque
Sibi nomines mille sunt
Illum adora

2. The Priest Must Die

When the moon is full oh let him cry
Kill the priest, the priest must die
Smash his face, break his bones
Let morbid laughter drown his moans

Slave of lies, puppet of God
Eat his heart, drink his blood
Burning hate will conquer love
See the wolf rip to shreds the dove

When the moon is full oh let him cry
Kill the priest, the priest must die
Smash his face, break his bones
Let morbid laughter drown his moans

3. The Wrath Of Satan's Whore

Into the noblest blood the Master's seed was sown
Married to gain Hungary's throne
Evil's incarnation, supreme in her day
Her deeds beyond words to her people's dismay
More than six times a hundred maidens fair
Lured into the countess' castle unaware
Dark lady of Hungary obsessed by blood
The virgins trapped in Hell cries in vain to God

Shed your blood oh virgins pure
To feed the wrath of Satan's whore
You've been chosen to let your blood
To make the mistress live for evermore

Gallons of blood she took for vampiric abuse
And for years nobody dared to accuse
But too many virgins vanished on her road to despair
Butchered by cruel servants in the countess' lair
Parents wailing while their daughters disappear
Her people for ages dwelt in terror and fear
Until at last she was caught and tried
Convicted and lacking her bloody diet she died

Cut off the source of virgins pure
Who fed the wrath of Satan's whore
Yet deep within her castle's endless halls
Linger still Erzs├ębet's desperate calls

4. Thus Spoke The Master

When nothing was all
I was already in the void
I was, am and shall be
When you have long been destroyed

My names are feared by the weak
But the strong always worship me
I am darkness and bring you light
I am slavery and set you free

I inspire the chosen elite
Of your miserable human race
Who achieve works of greatness
Who dare look into my face

Many of you deny me blindly
Because you don't dare pray to me
I am death and therefore life
Without me you wouldn't be

I am the pain in the heart of him
Whose name I cannot speak
I am the terror of the pious
The vilest horrors of the meek

I am eternal hatred
I am fire and I am ice
I have thousands of names
I only laugh at your puny cries

I expose the white-light hypocrisy
But knowledge has a price
You are man, you are nothing
Worship me or perish in lies

5. Blood On My Lips (The Silent Rose Of Sin)

She was so beautiful
Her memory still haunts me
She was so innocent
I will never again be free

I still see her lovely face
I still see the gentle curve of her hips
I still feel the touch of her soft, milk-white skin
Every time again when there's blood on my lips
Every time again when there's blood on my lips . . .

Dusk has arrived yet another time
I awake and leave my coffin
In the dark I hear an old bell chime
Sip from a chalice drained from a virgin

Countless centuries ago I burnt the rose
But it has forever stayed with me
Symbol of happiness to which I came so close
Alas, I know I never ever will be free

Was it a gift of pure love, or only a whim?
It was a present of a treacherous kind
Transformed into a token of sin
Nevermore to fade from my tortured mind

The rose still fills the castle's dark wing
Fear, respect and wealth have been my toll
But its vague images still are disturbing
Is some spark of light still hidden in my soul?

I have served Him very long and very well
But once there must have been another path
Since then I've gone too far on the road to Hell
To be able to stray from the way of wrath

Even if I could I would still not betray
Though thus I will never enjoy peace of mind
But I know I am destined to go this way
And on the opposite path only lies I'd find

But still the rose keeps haunting me
I am sure it'll never ever go away
I must carry its burden for all eternity
Most horrible when asleep during the day

6. Returned Favours

7. Sheltered Under The Claw

Once again the hour draws nigh
The night of the chosen has come
Our hopes and expectations burn high
Will we succeed this time?

The return of our beloved Master
Is what we desire so much
To lead us His children in most unholy reign
And the weakling shalt be trembled in the dust

Sheltered under the claw
We're gathered to summon our lord
In evil praise we sin
For the return of the Horned

Our efforts are answered at last
The ground opens to spew forth
Surrounded by sulphuric flames
From the abyss He doth rise

Now His evil reign unfolds
As foretold by visions ages old
Upon His children His spell He doth cast
Forever in indulgence we shalt live

Sheltered under the claw
We bathe in the presence of our lord
In evil praise we sing
The gospel of the Horned

8. Ere A Bitter End

Created by an insane god
For only the purpose of worship
He was the first to develop mind
And in his heart grew rebellion

He loathed his kin as they do as they're told
His own sacrifice is half-hearted
And so his offerings were rejected by God
In favour of his feebler brother
Anger burned hot and strong was his fist
He killed with one single effort
His own flesh now cold he left to the beasts
So came murder upon mankind

"Cain, where is thine brother?"
Asked by God he was
So he did lie to him
And did commit another sin
Marked for eternity he was

The sign of Cain branded on his forehead
Cast out into the void he was
His shining blue eyes became the murderer's sign
Banished forever to roam the earth
Immortality was granted to him
To give time to think about his sins
As wives he took his sisters sinfully
So his seed is still upon mankind

For killing in rage
He is punished to live
Cast out by his kin
He leads a life of sin
A wolf among sheep he is

Among us he's still though his vision has changed
A life is but a flicker of a candle
For one like him the joys of life turn dim
As aeons repeat over and over
The terror of seeing loved ones age and die
Is familiar to him, he already lives in Hell
But stubbornly he fights to forever stay alive
Denying the torments of God's verdict

So he's stalking the ages
Forever he'll be there
Threatening fate
With blood smeared fist
A lifestyle dictated by his nature

9. Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam (Reprise)