Ancient Lies And Battle Cries
- April 09, 2014 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-052)
- Orlok - vocals, bass, keyboards
- Zagan - guitars
Recorded between August 2011 and October 2013. Mixed November 2013.

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1. Battle Sky

Swords are silent, the battle has been fought
The wind still is raging, but arrows no longer fly
Corpses cover the field, so many warriors fell
Ghastly goddesses now descend from the sky

Across the clouds valkyries ride
Mounted on wolves, in the sky
Choosing the slain, fallen heroes
To carry them to the hall up high

Shield maidens weave the web of war
Ordaining the clash of sword and spear
Corpses of kings, bodies of champions
The horn of war they all did hear

The goddesses bear the brave dead
From the fields of blood and woe
Their bravery will now be rewarded
To the most splendid hall they do go

Above the field the valkyries fly
Riding high
'Neath the fallen heroes lie
Riding high
Above the field the valkyries fly
Riding high
'Neath the chosen warriors lie
Riding through the

Battle sky

Across the clouds valkyries ride
Armed with spears and shields of gold
Through strong winds and magic mist
A magnificent sight to behold

Blood of the slain has reddened the field
So many brave warriors fell on this day
When arrows flew and swords did clash
And now the valkyries carry them away

Gruesome beings yet ghostly beautiful
They fly from the field into the battle sky
The warriors slain will feast in Odin's hall
Across the rainbow bridge way up high


2. Call Of The Ancient Pantheon

The gods of old where have they gone
Since our folk their worship forsook
Their temples and statues destroyed
Their wisdom replaced by lies of the book
No longer did the gods their wisdom provide
They may be sleeping they cannot have died

Hear the call of the ancient pantheon
Listen to the cry of the gods of yore
From the past their voices sound
Calling for a holy war

Have the gods moved on beyond the stars
Are they hiding in some desolate abode?
Did they leave us when we abandoned them?
To fend for ourselves on a desolate road
No longer their blessing do we receive
Yet I do not believe they did forever leave


Hear the cry of the gods of times past
Listen to their call for a holy war
We shall fight for their return
Let the holy fire burn

The gods of old shall return to their kin
When again to the true gods shall we pray
Their temples and statues are resurrected
Never again their folk to be led astray
For the pantheon of old we fight a holy war
To restore our gods and revive ancient lore


3. By Hammer And Blood

We raise our horns to our gods
In the storm eight hooves we hear
Time has come for our foes to fear
Runes are cast and steel is forged
Sigils of might woven into our steel
Before our gods the enemy shall kneel

By the hammer of the thunder god
By the sacred blood in our veins
By the wisdom of the High One
By the iron will to break our chains

Holy fire shall consume the lies
Hear our ancient battle cries
For our gods we fight and bleed
We shall crush Abraham's creed

For ages our faith was oppressed
Yet always the runes did remain
And now shall end Jehovah's reign
United behind the banner of the gods
Our hearts ablaze with pagan pride
Through fire and blood we shall ride

By the hammer of the thunder god
By the sacred blood in our veins
By the wisdom of the High One
By the iron will to break our chains

The mighty hammer cracks the sky
Beneath our blades our enemies die
Victory shall be ours this day
For glory to our gods we pray

Today we answer All-Father's call
His One Eye in the sky does glow
Today blood will flow in the snow
Wolves are howling the holy names
Our divine steel our enemies' fate
They shall bow to our gods so great

By the hammer of the thunder god
By the sacred blood in our veins
By the wisdom of the High One
By the iron will to break our chains

Down upon us two ravens look
As we slay the minions of the book
Our temples we shall raise once more
For the glory of the gods of yore

4. Vengeance Of The Slain

Bells are tolling when the past is calling
The dead shall rise on this dark winter night
Spells are broken when the runes are spoken
Those once forgotten now return to fight

Through thunder, mist, wind and rain
The dead return to fight again
Resurrected to be the vile foe's bane
This is the vengeance of the slain

The hammer cracks and the thunder rolls
Slaves of the cross are trembling in fear
Once dead warriors ride forth from beyond
After centuries of woe retribution is here


Again the warriors heed the wanderer's call
The betrayal of kings to be avenged by steel
Finally revenge to be exacted on the enemy
Nevermore our folk to a false god shall kneel


5. Beneath The Eye Of Wisdom

Upon the windswept tree hung He
Nine nights and nine whole days
To Himself given by His spear
Down infinite depths did he gaze
Upon the tree with roots unknown
Knowledge of the runes did He learn
Screaming loud He seized the staves
And from the depths did return

Beneath the eye of wisdom
The might of the runes strengthens our souls
Beneath the eye of wisdom
All-Father's knowledge guides us to our goals

Beneath one of the great tree's roots
To wisdom's well He made His way
For a draught from the sacred source
With one of His eyes he had to pay
He drank much knowledge from the well
Into the hallowed water sunk His eye
Still way up high His one eye glows
And looks upon us from the sky

Beneath the eye of wisdom
We shall return to the glorious ways of yore
Beneath the eye of wisdom
Ancient powers awake when we wage a holy war

Beneath the eye of wisdom
Age-old words of great power are spoken out loud
Beneath the eye of wisdom
Behind the banner of the gods we ride strong and proud

6. Confessions Of A Polytheist

They are not omnipotent, they are not infallible
Yet they are immortal
They are not unchangeable, they are not judgemental
They are the gods
Many gods there are, in infinite diversity
In countless realities
My life they guide, my heart they sustain
My soul they illuminate

Glory to the gods

Gods of war, they bless our steel
They give us battle
Gods of lust, they bless our loins
They give us desire
Gods of art, they bless our minds
They give us inspiration
Gods of death, they bless our passing
They give us life

Glory to the gods

The gods are us as we are them
And all is one in the end
As we evolve, so do the gods
And together we grow
Beyond morality, beyond rigidity
The truth we will find
And on our quest, our relentless pursuit
The gods are with us

Glory to the gods

7. Pray For The Cult

Heavy metal was forged by the gods
With hammer and anvil and fire and ice
Pure and majestic, a glorious sound
It shook the earth and cracked the skies

They saw that it was good
They saw that it was right
By the hammer and by blood
We worship the gods of metal tonight

Heavy metal was forged by the gods
In the holy forge of celestial steel
Nothing can oppose its might
Before the metal altar all shall kneel

They made it loud and fierce
They made it strong and proud
By the hammer and by blood
The war cry of heavy metal we shout

Pray for the cult
Recite the metal creed
Pray for the cult
The oath of steel is all we need

I swear allegiance to true metal
To fight the false with the power of steel
Forever true to the gods of metal
To no man shall ever I kneel

Heavy metal was forged by the gods
Through holy magic by sacred seal
Onto us the torch of metal they passed
Ghosts of leather soldiers of steel

They gave us the might of metal
They gave us the power and pride
By the hammer and by blood
For the glory of the cult we ride


8. Cursed Seed Of Aten Beneath the blazing desert

Beneath the blazing desert sun
A powerful king lost his mind
Betrayed his kindred's ancient gods
Unleashed a curse upon mankind

The gods and goddesses forsaken
Shrines destroyed, temples defaced
On the mad pharaoh's road to ruin
Statues of the gods laid to waste

One creed, one god, one lie
Prophets of the curse we shall defy

The first of many prophets false
Creator of the one god curse
From history he was eradicated
Destroyed was his faith perverse

Yet the seed of the lie was sown
The curse to haunt mankind for ages
From the east spread over the earth
Cataclysm staining history's pages

One creed, one god, one lie
False prophets face our battle cry

Almost forgotten the gods of mankind
We shall revel in their divine return
The one god lie shall forever perish
Soon all the houses of Aten shall burn

One creed, one god, one lie
Annihilation of the curse is nigh

The curse shall fall

9. Burn The Throne

Skies darken above the throne
Fires of rebellion burn in the night
Behind his walls the monarch trembles
Shining steel to crush 'divine right'

Thunder roars and lightning strikes
Freedom calls the king must die
His banners to burn before the morn
In a blazing storm revenge is nigh

The castle walls are coming down
The king today will lose his crown
With spite his illicit rule we spurn
On this night the throne we burn

The last of a long line of usurpers
Finally shall meet with his just fate
The castle soon reduced to rubble
When legions of steel storm the gate

The monarch's reign now ends in blood
His birthright void, his minions slain
The castle burns, the crown is crushed
Our swords the royal bloodline's bane


10. The Last Temple

Relate to me tales of ages past
Show me the future long gone by
Speak to me of history yet to be
Show me the past you did foresee

Show me the past, the ways of old
Show me the shining walls of gold
Show me the glory of days gone by
Show me the gods beneath the sky
Show me the sacred bloodied rites
Show me the holy burning nights
Show me the king, sword and shrine
Show me the hallowed cycle of nine

A journey through the veils of time
In magic mist ancient bells chime
Winds of destiny, clouds of fate
Drifting through an ethereal gate
Awakening amidst a storm of woe
Walking fields of bloodied snow
Amongst my kin who came before
Standing tall at the dawn of war
From far we journey to the shrine
The ravens' flight a divine sign
Ten thousand warriors side by side
With my forebears proudly I stride

Gathered 'neath the sacred northern sky
Winter shall yield spring is nigh
Torches blaze, sacrificial blood flows
Through the trees the wild wind blows
Songs are sung and prayers are said
To our gods so great loyalty is pled
Our glorious ancestors we praise
Yet soon shall perish our olden ways

From the south the shadow draws near
The ways of Rome shall soon be here
The age of the cross is upon our land
No matter how brave and strong we stand
Houses of the foreign god shall rise
To befoul our once proud pagan skies
The disgrace of baptism upon our kin
The chains of the lie, of guilt and sin

Yet not all is lost in veils of time
When history fades to myth and rhyme
Only the temple's ashes may remain
Gods of the blood can never be slain
I see the future, the ways of old
I see the shining walls of gold
I see the glory of days to be
I see the past you did foresee

What once was, shall be once more
A golden dawn for the gods of yore