Blazing Flames Of War
- November 01, 2007 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-041)
- Orlok - vocals, guitars, bass
- Othalaz - acoustic guitars
Recorded and mixed between September 2006 and January 2007.

Original cover art by Annick Giroux.

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1. Blazing Flames Of War

In darkness we ride, a thousand torches alight
Swords and axes held high, reflecting the moon's light
Gods of battle we hail, we beg they bless our steel
Our honour is all we have, to no mortal man we kneel

Blazing flames of war (x4)

In darkness we fight, a thousand torches alight
Our enemies will die well, in this their final night
The joy of battle fills our souls while we fight to our last breath
Warriors die with smiling faces, having achieved an honourable death

Blazing flames of war (x4)

In darkness we prevail, a thousand torches alight
Beer we drink to celebrate our victory in this fight
The battle won, victory achieved, our mighty gods we hail
In a battle in darkness, fire and blood will always prevail

Blazing flames of war (x4)

2. Scarlet Witch Queen

Motionless on the silent battlefield I lay
Waiting for the reaper to come for me
Drenched in blood, the pain already gone
My end soon to be . . .

Then a scarlet radiance breaks through the fog
A woman blindingly beautiful, an incarnation of sin
Appears before my tired, closing eyes
I try to speak but only blood drips from my chin
Suddenly I am bathed in magical, scarlet rain
I feel strength running through my broken limbs again
The entire battlefield is shrouded in a scarlet blaze
The gift of immortality, the Witch Queen's grace

Spawned from Nothingness
Fostered by the Dark
Raised on Infinity
Her heart a silver spark

Scarlet Witch Queen
In Thy Name my steel I raise
Scarlet Witch Queen
Thy Name ever do I praise
In Thy Name my steel I raise

Her scarlet lips on mine, a kiss of life and death alike
Sensations inconceivable by men still bound to mortal life
Investing me with hidden powers, life eternal her gift
Her vassal I must be for an eternity of strife
Many earthly moons have passed since that fateful day
I travelled through the ages on missions for my Queen
Feeding the fires of hatred in the minds and souls of men
There cannot be much my undead eyes have not yet seen



Still I cannot grasp who She is, was or may have been
Could it be She is His daughter Sin I serve forever?
Whatever the truth I could and would not change my fate
Eternal Hell surely worth are the times we lie together

3. Blood Orgy

Black candles on the altar in the cave of desolation
Wizards and demons in velvet robes of black
Prostitutes and lecherous women are present
The rites of lust and hate will now commence

Blood orgy, blood orgy
Worship of evil supreme
Blood orgy, blood orgy
Bloody rites of sacrifice

Ritual daggers and swords are brought forth
The innocent virgin is taken to the shrine
She is put on the altar with her legs spread wide
And the tyrant-goat is brought to be the first one

The beast rapes the virgin in glorious unholiness
The virgin's soul lies raped in demonic lust
Now all the demons and wizards fuck the bitch
Spilling their seed all over her delicious body


Now the evil rite of unholy rape is concluded
Time has come to slay the bitch for the tyrant
A sacred dagger slits the former virgin's throat
The blood flows freely in honour of the tyrant

Demons and wizards celebrate the unholy sacrifice
They eagerly drink the blood of the desecrated virgin
Then they fuck her lifeless corpse over and over again
While the satisfied tyrant smiles upon them . . .


4. Burning Sea

Sparta and Athens, 27 years of war
Athens' triremes ruled the roaring sea
Spartan hoplites dominated the lands
Decisive victories for long not to be

Both sides won their share of the battles
And the war dragged on year after year
But after a quarter of a century of war
At last an Athenian triumph seemed near

The sea is burning
When ships of war collide
The sea is burning
On the waves warriors fight

Athens achieved victory after victory
But the hands of men do not fate weave
And a change in fortune was imminent
When destiny's forces Athens did leave

A minor victory by Spartan Lysander
The fate of Athens' general did seal
Alcibiades not re-elected and retired
A crucial turn taken by fortune's wheel

The admiral Lysander now took charge
An untypical Spartan, comfortable at sea
A trustworthy man, a friend of Persia
He built a fleet Athens' nemesis to be

The sea is burning
Dozens of triremes alight
The sea is burning
Destruction of naval might

Lysander seized many enemy cities
A ruthless campaign he led and inspired
Attacking Athens' allies and Attica itself
The Spartans gained the glory they desired

At Agospotaemi the war came to an end
The Athenian fleet was completely destroyed
And the only option now left was surrender
For years to come Athens' power was void

The sea is burning
Fireworks for the gods
The sea is burning
Victory against the odds

5. Winter Solstice

Month of Yule, howling snows ravage the land
Time to hail the gods so renewal they will bring
Around the holy tree a great feast will be held
Much ale we'll drink and many songs we'll sing

In the cold of winter sacrifices will be made
Ancient rites of blood in honour of our gods so great

Winter solstice (2x)

In the long midwinter night sacrifices are hung
In the sacred grove on the branches of the tree
Nine males of man and horse and pig and goat
The blood flows freely for our mighty gods to see

In the cold of winter sacrifices now are made
Ancient rites of blood in honour of our gods so great

Winter solstice (2x)

In nine holy days seventy-two beings are slain
In the glare of the torches lighting the dark night
The runes are cast while the gods look upon us
The rites of blood will ensure the return of the light

In the cold of winter sacrifices have been made
Ancient rites of blood in honour of our gods so great

Winter solstice (2x)

6. Gods Of My Fathers

In the dismal present my mind does wander
To my fathers' gods, the great gods of yore
Surviving centuries of monotheist oppression
In my blood they are stronger than before

Gods of my kin, of thunder, wind and rain
They will return through fire, blood and steel
All the traitors will endure gruesome fates
The power of the hammer our foes will feel

Gods of my fathers, gods of the past
Pray return when the runes are cast
Gods of my fathers, gods of my line
Once again your splendour will shine

In the dreary present my heart does long
For my fathers' gods, lofty gods of the past
Enduring the bleak age of monotheist tyranny
In my soul my gods forever will last

Gods of my blood, of hammer, runes and might
Again their holy names will be called out loud
With our true gods a new world we will shape
Man shall rise and with his gods stand proud


Houses of the treacherous one god shall crumble
His mindless servants shall endure horrible pain
Those still loyal to the old ways shall come forth
After centuries of desolation they now shall reign

On the ashes of the one's houses temples rise
When our glorious gods have come back to stay
The old ones' images are again cast in stone
Never again mankind to the one god shall pray


7. Messalina

Ancient Rome, Caligula's reign
Days of decadence and lust
Utter indecency, complete immorality
Wanton vice and total depravity
Constant orgies, evil conspiracies
Sex and murder went hand in hand
Countless abortions, many poisoned
A veil of sin did cover the land

Amidst the schemes, lust and hate
A woman rose to great heights
Of noble ancestry, imperial blood
A soul untainted by the christian god
Married at twenty, to cousin Claudius
At the court she rose to power
No man safe, from her desire
Her insatiable lust made men cower

Queen of sluts
Empress of desire
Harlot of the gods
Seductress and liar

Caligula died, through assassination
Weak old Claudius now the emperor
His wife still burned, with lustful fires
Truly a woman of dark desires
Her elderly husband, always unaware
Of his young wife's sexual prowess
Tricked by her, to execute her foes
Rivers of semen flowed for the mistress

A legendary prostitute, she did challenge
To a shameless contest of copulation
Debased fornication, all through the night
She still was going when long it was light
The gods themselves, couldn't speculate
How many men she satisfied
The greatest slut, in the world's history
No perverted impulse she ever denied


After a decade, of marital mockery
The empress plotted to kill her husband
Devious scheming, with her lovers' aid
But the risks she took were too great
Her conspiracy foiled, by Claudius' men
Yet her lustful legacy, lives to this day
Just thirty years old she was executed
For this saint of evil black prayers we say


8. Wail Of The Banshee

A disembodied soul, woman of the fairy mound
Death is always near, when her wail does sound
Death is at your door (2x)
Clad in green and grey, with long streaming hair
Her eyes a fiery red, all mortals she may scare
Death is at your door (2x)

Wail of the banshee (2x)

Appearing near a river, a death she will presage
Hear the terrible wail, a cry of piteous rage
Death is at your door (2x)
When many weep together, tragedy is at hand
A veil of darkness falls, grief all over the land
Death is at your door (2x)


9. Swords Shine In The Highlands

In ancient times was born the Duncan
Among the Druids, the Hunter's son
Sacred to this tribe, a mighty warrior
Every single battle he fought he won

The greatest chief his clan ever knew
All over the Highlands he was revered
Divine blood flowed through his veins
By all his foes his blade was feared

Then the christians came (4x)

The Duncan's clan fought the christians
With fire and steel for many years
But too many christian soldiers came
The Highlands soon were drowned in tears

Swords shine in the highlands
The blood of christians flows
Swords shine in the highlands
Yet the one god lie still grows

Statues of the gods now desecrated
Druids slain and holy trees cut down
The Duncan grew old a miserable fugitive
Robbed by the enemy of his crown

His sword was broken by christian might
The old Duncan died stripped of all worth
To Hell his evil wicked soul descended
But the Master sent him back to Earth

Reborn the Duncan the son of a whore
Fathered by the ancient god of the spear
Still remembering his mortal life past
A child he already inspired terror and fear

Growing up in the dark Highland woods
An outcast by birth yet a king by blood
Already a killer and rapist in his teens
Pledged his life to the most unholy god

Swords shine in the highlands
The Duncan lives another time
Swords shine in the highlands
Oh! Hear his wicked rhyme

Again he became the fiercest of warriors
Guided by the Master in his war god guise
Swords flock to the mighty Duncan reborn
All youngsters dissatisfied with christian lies

The Duncan clan returned to ways of yore
His blade forged anew amidst pagan cries
Shining swords march against the Christ
Doom of the church fills the Highland skies

Then the christians died (4x)

The Duncan leads his clan into battle
Fighting for the glory of the ways of old
Beheading priests with his Lochaber axe
Finally crushing the foreign faith's hold

Swords shine in the highlands
The Duncan rides once more
Swords shine in the highlands
For the glory of the gods of yore

Many a loch reddened by christian blood
No mercy for the Nazarene's slaves
Slaying and killing, raping and pillaging
Piles of christians rot in mass graves

Churches are burnt all over the land
Victory is achieved the triumph of hate
Total destruction for the Master's glory
The Duncan has finally fulfilled his fate

Centuries the Duncan ruled his lands
His rightful rule restored once and for all
All memories of the cursed creed erased
The king had truly heeded the Master's call

Swords shine in the highlands
Fulfilled is the Duncan's fate
Swords shine in the highlands
For the glory of lust and hate

10. Aleidis

I came to the old house in the dark night
I felt only a dark sensation, but no fright
The strange old man's words ran through my mind
In this unholy place, what would I find?

I entered the mansion, thinking I was alone
I saw a strange, ancient gravestone
Suddenly a woman's voice whispered my name
Or was the old man playing a silly game?

Aleidis came to me unimaginably beautiful
Dressed in white, while the moon was full
Suddenly I felt overcome by an unholy desire
But was she just young or an ages old vampire?

Maybe she was just a portrait, or a figment of my sick mind
But whatever the truth, she was the best wife I'd ever find
I loved her in a way I had never even known
But would the blood my love needed soon be my own?

She used to kill animals and suck their blood
She belonged to Satan, her soul lost by God
One day at last, she made my neck her unholy teeth feel
Now we are joined for eternity, but is this all real?

11. Bloed In De Sneeuw

Oude toortsen zijn opnieuw ontstoken
Onze ketenen voor altijd gebroken
Niet langer door valse moraal geknecht
Halen wij met vuur en staal ons recht

Bloed vloeit in de sneeuw
Hoort 't gebrul van Neêrlands leeuw
Ziet de laffe verraders beven
Beter vrij te sterven dan geknecht te leven

De slavenkoning en diens volgelingen
Zullen wij verslaan met magische ringen
Tot Wodan bidden wij andermaal
Onze zielen en zwaarden hard als staal


Door mist en regen, wind en kou
Rijden wij trots, gelaten zo grauw
Grimmig en o zo vastberaden
Ditmaal kennen wij geen genade

Donar zal ons weer beschermen
Onze vijanden zullen kermen
Onze zwaarden rood van bloed en roest
Nu gebeurt wat gebeuren moest


Het rijk van Jehovah is gevallen
Ziet de lijken van zijn vazallen
Gezuiverd is nu onze geboortegrond
Ziet de nieuwe heidense morgenstond