Burning Scripture
- May 01, 2010 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-048)
- Orlok - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Recorded and mixed May-August 2008.

Original cover art by Saevus.

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1. Chariots Of Thunder

In the night of vengeance chariots ride
Beneath black clouds darkening the sky
Flashes of lightning the sole illumination
Cracks of thunder lash from way up high

Silver spears we carry, spawn of steel
Shining swords of hate we wield tonight
Our blood is burning with battle's rage
Our armour adorned with runes of might

Battle in the heavens, war in the sky
Swords and axes clash way up high

Chariots of thunder, chariots of war
Behold the glory of the gods of yore
Chariots of thunder, chariots of war
Behold the power of the ancient lore

On destiny's plains we face our foe
The minions of Yahweh quivering in fear
The god believers' holocaust is at hand
Now the horned one's revenge is near

Battle commences, the foe meets our steel
The disciples of the lie feel our scorn
Our mighty steel drenched in their blood
The weak by our chariots to pieces torn

bridge / chorus

Piles of corpses cover destiny's fields
Our enemies' trembling hearts we devour
The steel of wrath has wrought victory
Never again shall the foe defy our power

bridge / chorus

2. A Poet's Parry

I am a poet like my father was
And his father and his before him
Loyal to the gods for generations
Who gave prosperity and revelations

Now you come from a distance great
To bring to us your vile creed
But our faith is strong and true
For your one god we have no need

Since the dawn of time and man
Our gods have always stood with us
Protection and insight they did give
They made our lives worth to live

You claim your god is the only one
And ours nought but demons are
Yet by what right do you interfere?
Why have you come from away so far?

Listen to a poet's parry
I denounce your every lie
For freedom I my blood will shed
For my gods shall I gladly die

I sing for my gods like my father
And his father and his before him
Inspiration their most holy gift
Between us you shall cause no rift

You say we need to be baptized
For access to your heaven to gain
But why would we want to go there?
We go to the hall of the slain

Your ludicrous tales do not impress
We but laugh at your 'original sin'
If truly your god all does rule
Why does he need you as his tool?

You view us as simple barbarians
Who eagerly your salvation await
But priest heed my warning words
We shall not abandon gods so great


I call to my gods as my father did
And his father and his before him
Upon you be the thunderer's rage
You will no trap us in your moral cage

Your scripture means nothing to us
We have verses of real wisdom divine
Listen to the song of the High One
Words in which true insight does shine

And yet the future I did glimpse
I saw many churches of your Christ
Upon our temples' shattered remains
My people bound by your foul chains

Centuries the age of tears will last
Yet your hollow victory will not endure
Hidden in our blood our gods survive
'Neath the surface our hearts stay pure


As I lay dying I see our temples burn
But know beyond doubt our gods shall return

3. Burning Scripture

Lies spoken since the dawn of time
Though none so great as the first
The first lie of the one god spoken
By a mad king in his power thirst

The first lie was followed by many
In measly verses all written down
Collected in books called scripture
The awful lies gained great renown

Scripture was spread far and wide
And cults of the one god flourished
By self-proclaimed prophets of the lie
Generations minds by deceit nourished

Burning scripture, crushing lies
No verse of holy writ shall remain
Burning scripture, crushing lies
Righteous arrogance turned to shame

The vile cults enslaved the once free
Tried to do away with the gods of yore
Nearly banished the gods of our blood
Almost vanquished was the ancient lore

Yet embers of the holy fire remained
Kindled again to incinerate the one god
Those true to their ancestral beliefs
Will reforge the past in battle and blood


The lie of the one god exposed for all
The pure again worship the gods of old
Everywhere the one's house is torched
The strong return to the heathen fold

After millennia at last the lie has fallen
Its books are burnt its preachers slain
Our battle cries turn to roars of victory
Scripture's followers endure horrible pain


4. A Curse Upon The King

From far away the enemy came
Distant lands of nothing but sand
Lies they brought, treacherous and vile
Their one god plague upon our land

You embraced their repulsive lies
And forced them upon your kin
Your ancestors, your gods you betrayed
For grotesque lies of guilt and sin

You embrace the power of the new faith
But you are blind to where you lead
Our ways and our gods will be gone
Until once again their call we shall heed

A curse I place upon you king
A divine curse upon your white soul
One day we will spit on your memory
With our gods we shall again be whole

You turned your back on all that is holy
You have forsaken your kinfolk and blood
You forbid us worship of our true deities
You force us to bow to your alien god

You torture those loyal to their gods
Best hatchet-man of the Christ you may be
You burn our temples, destroy our shrines
Who you really are one day all will see

In your zealous fever you do not see
Our beliefs are stronger than your lies
Faith cannot be dictated by even a king
You may be strong but you are not wise


Your ship is fast and your sword is stout
But power does not make a wrong cause right
A millennium of tears you bring upon us
Yet one day shall we crush the one god's might

I cannot grasp why you serve an alien god
But even more difficult to comprehend
Is why you persecute those loyal to their own
Facing your wrath true to our gods we stand

Now I lay dying, helpless at your feet
By your merciless torment my body frayed
In the name of the gods I curse you king
In the name of all you viciously betrayed


5. History Not Forgotten

To my village a stranger came
Sent by the king to roam our lands
A wooden cross upon his ugly self
A book of lies in his greasy hands
Listen to my history
Of an alien god the stranger told
A god bizarre, heartless and cold
A tale of awful misery

His lies did not sway my folk
With scorn his story we did spurn
From our village he was chased
Little we knew he would return

Twenty summers past again he came
This time the priest was not alone
Numerous soldiers all around him
His scripture verses he did drone
Listen to my history
His vile stories we had to endure
Deceitful gospels foul and unpure
A tale of awful misery

His prattle was only the beginning
Commanding his soldiers to cut down
Our holy oaks, our village temple
The people betrayed by the crown

Bravely we did struggle 'gainst the soldiers of the Christ
Our blood we gave for our gods and our belief
Many fine folk slain by the henchmen of the lie
Our soul lies raped our hearts filled with grief

Before long more enemies arrived
Sent to us by our traitorous king
To the Christ a church was built
Where their vile hymns they did sing
Listen to my history
Our gods banished our faith forbidden
Our worship endured in shadows hidden
A tale of awful misery

Scripture's lies now forced upon us
Our way of life brutally taken away
But my history will not be forgotten
To our true gods again we shall pray

6. The Mad Pharaoh

In ancient Egypt in a distant past
A king ascended his glorious throne
Like his father named Amenophis
A name in which Amon's glory shone
But soon madness came over the king
Selecting one god to be the only one

Trying to destroy his people's faith
Destroying shrines of many gods
Forbidding their worship and rituals
Succeeding by force against the odds
The king invented the monotheistic lie
Changing his name to fit his crime

The world's first religious persecutor
Obsessed by his theological aberration
He neglected his duties as a king
And thus suffered his whole nation

Mad pharaoh, mad pharaoh
Defy his legacy, curse his name
Mad pharaoh, mad pharaoh
His just fate eternal shame

After the mad pharaoh's death
Which came to him at early age
The dead king called a blasphemer
His people returning to their ways
But the seeds of monotheism were sown
And thus the damage had been done

We still taste the fruits of his madness
After many, many centuries have gone
Souls of wrath shall ride with holy fire
The war against his heritage will be won


7. Worship Forbidden

In the dark the loyal gather
To pay homage to the gods
Secretive in shadows hidden
For their worship is forbidden
White Christ now rules the land
Soon true faith to be forgotten
Still those loyal to their kin
Defiantly refuse to give in

The church destroyed our temples
Demolished the images of our gods
Still we defy the rule of Rome
Standing proud against all odds

Disregarding the new commandments
We secretly pray to the gods of yore
Torture awaits when we are exposed
While practising the ancient lore

In dark groves in desolate woods
Sparse torches light sacred rites
Oaths are spoken, holy mead flows
Here still the pagan fire glows
Our gods they did not abandon us
Neither shall we be led astray
Loyal we are and shall remain
Even tho' it means torment and pain

Years pass and our ranks do thin
Persecution growing stronger still
Corrupt kings force the lie upon us
But never shall break our iron will

The worship forbidden will endure
No matter how few loyal ones remain
Our blood will pass on our faith
Through the age of the Christ's reign

Centuries after the cross came north
The worship forbidden close to death
Yet storms raging and winds howling
Still whisper the wanderer's breath
The usurpers' power firmly in place
Bleak oppression our fate for so long
Yet thunder rolling and lightning striking
Still sing the mighty thunderer's song

Our true faith has never been broken
By the treacherous one god's lies
The dawn of awakening is at hand
Let all again hear pagan battle cries

Scripture is finally burnt to ashes
The sacred runes are cast once more
Centuries of oppression come to an end
All sing hymns to the gods of yore

8. Thor (Manowar cover)

9. Blood Of The Gods

A shadow fell upon the north
When to our soil came the cross
The fair lands of our fathers
Did suffer an unimaginable loss

Priests and soldiers took away
Our way of life, our very soul
Our gods they strove to cast out
And no longer were we whole

Our holy oaks were cut down
The white Christ's churches did rise
Our hearts were now filled with woe
Oppressed by priests and their lies

Blood of the gods
Flows through our veins
With our gods we stand
To forever crush our chains

For centuries we fought the Christ
With every defeat bitter tears we wept
In our hearts still true to our gods
But memory faded and long they slept

Never did they abandon us their kin
In song and story the gods did survive
Even when their worship we forsook
In our blood they were always alive

The wanderer strode the earth no more
Yet he rode with the Wild Hunt as before
No longer the thunderer walked among us
Still his hammer let the thunder roar


Our blood is theirs as theirs is ours
Too strong for Latin prayers to subdue
The white Christ never truly victorious
To our gods our blood always was true

The time of awakening is now at hand
Our gods emerge from their age of sleep
Our swords will sing their names out loud
The time has come for our foe to weep

As long as we draw breath our gods are with us
Their might forever present in our blood
Their glorious temples and statues resurrected
Never again shall we bow to a false god


10. Hymn To The Gods Of Yore

Gods of yore I hear your voice
It's singing in my blood
Wolves are howling your holy song
I see your faces in the stars

Gods of yore I worship you
Your images float my mind
Your temples will surely rise again
Your likeness recast in stone

Gods of yore I draw your signs
Sigils of power and might
Dormant forces awake again
Ancient steel is forged anew

Gods of yore I sing your praise
Your names ring through the air
Abandoning their modern ways
Your people turn back to you

Gods of yore I drink to you
The mead flows in your name
Ancient fires are lit again
Again we sacrifice to you

Gods of yore I'll come to you
Your dwellings in the sky
I hail the true gods of my race
Forever I am yours

11. Schemering Der Goden

Uit het Oosten – zal komen het kwaad
Afgrijschlijke monsters – uit Loki's zaad
Vreeschlijk lijden – een wereld vol doden
Het einde der tijden – het sterven der Goden

Broedertwisten tieren – verwanten zullen strijden
Bedrog en leugens heersen – al wat leeft zal lijden
De Hoorn weerklinkt – de wereldboom trilt
Schilden splijten – hoe luid de Hoorn gilt

Monsterlijke horden – Loki zal hen leiden
De hemel splijt – als reuzen rijden
Uit het Zuiden – komt Surt in vlammen
Het onheil niet langer – in te dammen

Walvader worstelt – met Fenris het beest
Hij wordt verslagen – de Hoge geeft de geest
Donar hakt in – op de Wereldslang
Beiden vallen – des beschaving's zwanenzang

De zon verslonden – de maan verdwenen
De Goden ten onder – wat rest is wenen
Een aarde in vlammen – alles is voorbij
Duisternis heerst – wie keert het tij?