Holocaust Of The God Believers
- June 06, 2006 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-039)
- Orlok - vocals, guitars, bass
Recorded and mixed October-December 2005.

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1. My Sword Never Sleeps

I am the priest of the ways of old
Through the ages my sword I wield
Broken in two or shining in glory
Whatever the odds never I yield

My sword never sleeps (2x)

I teach you secrets, cast the runes
The magic of yore is what I bring
I am howling, wolves are praying
Listen to the olden hymn we sing

My sword never sleeps (2x)

Many times you have seen my face
But do you dare look into my eyes?
Many times you have heard my song
But do you dare listen to my words?

My sword never sleeps

Unbowed after centuries oppression
My holy flame still burns with might
The slanderous one god never I fear
My divine blade will inspire your fight

My sword never sleeps (2x)

I am the one who carries the torch
I am the one who wields steel of yore
I am and always will be your guide
I am the priest of the ancient lore

2. Holocaust Of The God Believers

The slaves of god lined up for execution
The globe to be cleansed of this human pollution
They lived their lives in self-chosen slavery
In their death throes all they hear is our mockery

The houses of their god all fall to the flame
Now the sheep will die in disgrace and shame
They're hanged or gassed, stabbed or shot
Mercilessly butchered and not saved by their god

Holocaust – holocaust of the god believers (4x)

Massive piles of bodies slaughtered they lie
Amidst horrors of evil blasphemy they did die
Their fantasy of paradise will not be fulfilled
All that's left are streams of holy blood spilled


The dawn of wrath is here
False faith has turned to fear
The glory of evil abounds
Hell's cry of victory sounds

God's slaves reduced to dust
The triumph of death and lust
The greatest massacre of all
Heeded is the Master's call

Into the ovens . . . (2x)
Where is your god now? (2x)


3. Het Woud Der Verdoemden

Diep verscholen
Tussen deze en de andere wereld
Ligt een rijk der schimmen
Het woud der verdoemden
Zielen van krijgers
Lang geleden eerloos gestorven
Besmet door het gewijde water
Verlieten zij hun ware goden

Herboren wordt een oude ziel
Die destijds wel eervol viel
Christenbloed kleefde aan zijn staal
Eeuwenlang weerklonk zijn verhaal
In Wodans hal kreeg hij zijn zetel
Doch nu rijdt hij opnieuw vermetel
Om de verdoemden te verlossen
Zal hij treden in de duistere bossen

Het woud omgeven door een vuige mist
Die walmt van geboden en witte list
Maar heidens staal ontsteekt heilig vuur
En spoedig verdampt de mistige muur
Onversaagd betreedt hij de nevelen
Waar verlorenen zonder hoop prevelen
In naam des Zegevaders roept hij hen aan
Aarzelend komen zij rond hem tezaam

"Zijn jullie bereid
Je verloren eer te herwinnen?
De schandvlek der bekering
Voor altijd uit te wissen?
Volg mij en rijdt!
Volg mij terug naar de wereld!
Volg mij en rijdt!
Volg mij en wreek je zielen!"

Grimmig gejuich klinkt uit ondode kelen
Rijden zullen de verdoemden met velen
Vlees eens meer razen zij door de wolken
Hun staal weer de schrik der christenvolken
Kerken vergaan tot as en priesters sterven
Terwijl zij Hangbaard roemen en runen kerven
Het volk van de Hoge herwint het eigen hart
Na meer dan duizend jaren bittere smart

Hoog in de wolken
Kijkt een oog naar beneden
Tussen twee raven
Verschijnt een wrange lach
Hoog in de wolken
Ziet Hij neer op zijn kind'ren
Tussen twee wolven
Verschijnt een bittere grijns

4. Clarion Call Of Destiny Hear the call of destiny it's ringing e

Hear the call of destiny it's ringing everywhere
The clarion call of metal, wimps and posers beware
Calling us to fight and bleed for metal pure and real
Turn up the amps and let the world know the sound of steel

Hear the call of destiny it's calling us to war
The clarion call of metal cries for magic of before
Darkened clouds are rising to fill the metal sky
Bolts of lightning strike where gods of metal fly

Metal is our destiny (4x)

Hear the call of destiny it's singing in our blood
The clarion call of metal, hammer of the thunder god
Metal warriors ride the night with leather, fire and steel
Proud and strong we carry on forever the call we heel

Hear the call of destiny it's ringing everywhere
The clarion call of metal, wimps and posers beware
Darkened clouds are rising to fill the metal sky
Bolts of lightning strike where gods of metal fly


5. Sogdian Rock

Impregnable fortress, prepared for siege
Above a steep rock face rising high
Its summit deeply covered with snow
To capture it men would be able to fly

Many had taken refuge in this fortress
Including the lord's daughters and wife
Oxyartes would not submit to Alexander
But the fortress was his last hope in life

Sogdian rock (4x)

With iron pegs and strong flaxen lines
Macedonians set out covered by night
Climbing the steepest part of the cliff
The summit was seized at first light

Enemy troops now on top of the rock
The defenders shocked by this sight
Without any more resistance they yielded
Further glory for Alexander in this fight


6. Rebel Stand

"The grave old bard, who never dies,
Receive him in our English tongue;
I send thee, but with weeping eyes,
The story that he sung."

1861, April 12, 4:30 (in the morning)
An epic struggle's first shots fired
Fort Sumter shelled for 34 hours
An assault relentless and inspired

The Union flag was at last torn down
Independence seemed for the taking
Glorious victories abounded at first
And left the Yankee soldiers shaking

Olden muskets versus modern rifles
A rural nation against industrial force
Glorious exploits for honour and pride
In one of the most renowned of wars

An admirable fight against all odds
A defiant struggle to save their land
A brave stance against a superior foe
Forever inspirational the rebel stand

The brilliance of Lee seen at Bull Run
Then Stonewall's iron Valley campaign
Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville
The men in grey left their foe in pain

A decisive victory was not achieved
The war dragged on four long years
Superior numbers started to count
Confidence began to turn to fears



Finally at Appomatox it came to end
After so many a cruel and bloody battle
Ultimately the Union was preserved
In spite of the rebels' noble mettle

The dust now settled a nation in ruins
And after effects do persist 'til this day
But never will by history be forgotten
The heroic feats of the men in grey



"The widow's moan, the orphan's wail,
Come round thee, yet in truth be strong:
Eternal right, though all else fail,
Can never be made wrong."

7. Black Crusade

Raise the banners of evil
Oil the swords of hate
Today we ride for Satan
Today we ride with fate

Join the legions of malice
Polish the blades of doom
Today we bring destruction
Darkness, death and gloom

Hear the devil preacher
His sermon calls for war
The black legions must ride
For magic and might of yore

Thousands of warriors follow
The pennant of hate into battle
Against the god of deception
With fire and steel show our mettle

Join up with the black crusade
Enrol in the legions of hate
March against the laws of the light
With fire and steel and metal might

Join up with the black crusade
Enrol in the legions of hate
March against all obsequiousness
Our shining swords the Master will bless

Join up with the black crusade
Enrol in the legions of hate
March against the throne of divinity
Our blades to forge total blasphemy

All hail the black crusade
We proudly wave the flag of hate
All hail the black crusade
We march towards our holy fate

All hail the black crusade
We ride for darkness and death
All hail the black crusade
We march 'til our very last breath

All hail, all hail the black crusade (4x)

8. Lof Der Gemaskerde

God met oneindig veel namen
Gemaskerde, Grauwbaard, Zegevader
Veelweter, Vorser en Helmdrager
Verschrikkelijke, Hoge en Alvader

God met oneindig veel namen
Vermomd doolt hij door de nacht
Reiziger tussen de werelden
Rijdt aan het hoofd van de Wilde Jacht

God met oneindig veel namen
Wijze oude man en machtig strijder
Hij verschijnt in talloze gedaanten
Leraar voor mensen, voor goden leider

God met oneindig veel namen
Door een speer aan zichzelf gegeven
Negen nachten hing hij aan de boom
Zo heeft hij de machtige runen verkregen

God met oneindig veel namen
Immense wijsheid heeft hij vergaard
Hij ziet verleden, heden en toekomst
Het lot ontmoet hij onvervaard

God met oneindig veel namen
Vader der goden, vader der mensen
De dichters schenkt hij inspiratie
Geen beter heer kunnen zij zich wensen

God met oneindig veel namen
Wispelturig, grillig en onvoorspelbaar
Toch vertrouwen grote krijgers op hem
Wanneer zij zich begeven in gevaar

God met oneindig veel namen
Hij bepaalt het verloop van de strijd
Gevallenen door hem uitverkoren
Verblijven in zijn hal tot het einde der tijd

God met oneindig veel namen
Tot u zingen, drinken en offeren wij
In vertrouwen dat wij na dit leven
In uw hal plaatsnemen aan uw zij

9. Columbine High Blues

I got the blues – the Columbine High blues
Popular kids scorn me – guess I wear the wrong shoes

Now I wear a black coat – I'm different it shows
I'm lost in my own world – my hate it sure grows

I'm thinking of a plan – my revenge on mankind
To go out with a bang – leave a lot of corpses behind

I fetch me some guns – some bombs I assemble
All the kids who hate me – soon they'll all tremble

Once more I'm off to school – but I won't learn a thing
I'm shooting at will – my bullets they do sing

Jocks and christians fall – wounded victims I chase
Until I take my own life – I have made my case

It must have been my music – or those computer games
But what about my rearing – yet my parents no one blames

10. Horror Of Harlot Hill

On the hill an ancient brothel stood
Where vice did reign for many years
Evil copulation and unholy fornication
Sins of the flesh that every christian fears

Lustful desires and wicked sins
Degenerates do the Master's will
Hear of the horror of harlot hill

Servants of god tore the brothel down
Erecting a filthy church in its place
Thinking harlot hill was now purified
And blessed anew by the one god's grace


But the priest of the church on the hill
Was an evil sinner if ever there was one
By day he pretended to be a man of god
But by night all his goodness was gone


In the dark in the church on harlot hill
The priest practised the most unholy rites
Raping many children for the Master's glory
Lustful dark sins reigned through the nights


11. Black Metal Storm

Darkness is falling, the Master is calling
Shining swords of hate will swing
Tonight the black metal storm will rage
The songs of evil we will sing

Blowing speakers, Hell's rock & roll
With fire and steel we heed the call
Thunder strikes and metal sounds
The glorious roar of Hell's mighty hounds

Black metal storm
Heads banging everywhere
Black metal storm
Sign of horns in the air
Black metal storm
Steel and fire in the night
Black metal storm
War upon the light

Blazing black leather, spikes and chains
For those who stand against the light
We were chosen to spread His word
For the glory of Hell we ride the night


We bring tears to the eyes of Christ
In utter defiance we invert the cross
Ride the winds of darkness and evil
The Master's glory is Yahweh's loss


12. Lage Landen

Lage landen, bevochten op de zee, land mijner vad'ren, nimmer gedwee
Lage landen, bron van mijn zijn, vochtig en kil, land van de Rijn
Lage landen, grond van de goden, hamer en runen, geëerde doden
Lage landen, stormen woeden, sterker door strijd, krijgers bloeden

Tussen donkere wolken zie ik zwarte raven
De regen klettert in de donkere nacht
In schaduwen verborgen zie ik Zijn Oog
Spoedig zal Hij rijden in de wilde jacht

Lage landen, grauwe wolken, brood en bier, Bataafse volken
Lage landen, ijzeren zwaarden, heilige wouden, honden en paarden
Lage landen, mist en regen, drassige bossen, schilden en speren
Lage landen, sacrale vrouwen, heilig vuur, Dietse gouwen


Lage landen, vrijheid boven al, oude liederen, heer en vazal
Lage landen, treurnis en smart, gure winden, voor altijd gehard
Lage landen, vermaarde historie, oorlog op zee, maritieme glorie
Lage landen, bodem en bloed, heilige wortels, avondgloed


13. Messenger of the Underworld (Alastis cover)