Last Man Of Honour
- January 23, 2021 (Digital Single)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Valgard - guitars
- Mortüüm - drums
- Häxa - keyboards

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Last Man Of Honour
by Countess
1. Last Man Of Honour

1. Last Man Of Honour

I witness the end of the old ways
I face the dawn of the modern age
My fathers cry beyond the grave
My culture dies I feel their rage

On the grim altar of progress
All I held dear is turned to dust
The meaning of honour to be lost
Corruption is king and bow we must
Bow we must

Battle no longer a matter of honour
War has become a faceless industry
Heritage no longer has any value
There is no more use for chivalry

Yet I shall not bow, I shall fight
For all that I believe to be right
I gather men who still are true
To the lofty world once we knew
Once we knew

Last man of honour, standing with pride
Strong and defiant, steel by my side
My cause may be hopeless and though I shall fall
I die with honour, gallant and tall

Polish my blade and saddle my steed
One more time into battle I ride
The new order shall face my wrath
For our blood, our honour, our pride

I meet the enemy of the field of woe
Long I stand against a stronger foe
Until at last my blade is shattered
And I must fall, torn and battered
Torn and battered