On Wings Of Defiance
- February 16, 2011 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-049)
- Orlok - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Recorded and mixed March-August 2010.

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1. Where Eagles Die

From the south three legions are marching
Their eagle standards raised in the air
Confidently striding towards their undoing
Of their grim fate they are yet unaware
The army of Varus ten thousands strong
Marching to subjugate tribes of free men
But we stand proud against Roman might
With blood and steel for our soil we fight

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)

Imperial Rome has crossed the Rhine river
Ever striving to expand its domain
So many lands already fell in its grasp
But the soil of our tribes they will not gain
In their eyes we are merely barbarians
Savages living on the edge of the world
Yet our steel will make them run and hide
For the mighty gods are on our side

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)

In a forest of swords and spears the enemy shall die
For the glory of our gods we shout our battle cry
United now we stand against the Roman foe
With our gods on our side into blazing battle we go

Years before the glorious battle ahead
The strangers came from their far away land
Trying to divide and conquer our tribes
Many times we were forced to make a stand
They promised trade and proposed treaties
Yet always their pledges nothing but lies
Now that for once our tribes are united
We stand and fight, hear freedom's cries

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)

We cover ourselves in the skins of animals
To our mighty war god for victory we pray
The rebellion will take the enemy by surprise
Thousands of their soldiers shall we slay
In a horrible storm sent by our thunder god
We attack our foe like wolves in the night
On unfamiliar soil they are filled with fear
On holy ground the gods their woe shall hear

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)
After three long days of glorious battle
We emerge victorious against all the odds
Many enemies slain by swords and spears
The cowards sold as slaves or given to the gods
Thousands of enemy soldiers slaughtered
Varus and his officers fell on their swords
To avoid the shame of falling into our hands
A crushing victory for the freedom of our lands

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)

Inspired by our glory we continue the assault
Trouncing all their strongholds east of the Rhine
The expansion of Rome now brought to a halt
They shall not rule where our swords shine
Their eagle standards we proudly have captured
Never was the empire so humiliated
The emperor shaken with grief, rage and shame
We overcame the odds for eternal fame

Our steel for our glory, our blood for the gods (2x)

In a forest of swords and spears the legions now lie slain
Fallen in a mighty storm 'midst thunder, wind and rain
For years to come our triumph shall instil dread
Nevermore across the Rhine the empire will tread

2. I Am The Infidel

I am the infidel
I stand against your creed
My venom will poison your sanctimonious seed
I am the infidel
Reason is my name
I will make you bow down in shame

You may burn my book
You may ban my play
You may censor my art
Never shall I give way

I am the infidel
I see beyond your lies
I fight the god who never hears your cries
I am the infidel
Knowledge is my name
I will expose your sick religious game

You may burn my painting
You may ban my song
You may censor my poem
I shall prove you wrong

My hammer shall crush the house of your god
Never shall I be shackled by your false creed
My sword shall tear down your altar of lies
Never your retarded commandments shall I heed

I am the infidel
I am the wolf at your gate
I will show your god is not so great
I am the infidel
Sanity is my name
I will forever quench your zealous flame

You may burn my temple
You may ban my belief
You may censor my speech
Nothing I give you but grief

My hammer shall crush the house of your god
Never shall I be shackled by your false creed
My sword shall tear down your altar of lies
Never your retarded commandments shall I heed

3. Let The River Run Red

The fight for independence has begun
The stand against the English tyranny
Moray and Wallace lead us into battle
The struggle of the Scots to be free

Spearmen and archers, horsemen and knights
On Abbey Craig's high ground we take our stand
The English soldiers advance on our position
They fight for their wages, we fight for our land

We stand across the Forth bearing arms
The single narrow bridge our foe tries to cross
We let half of them reach the soggy grounds
Before our steel will cause them many a loss

Blood will flow
Let the river run red
Blood will flow
Let the river run red

Our first charge meets the enemy head
Our second will cut off their desperate retreat
We are outnumbered but our hearts are steel
On this day we will achieve a glorious feat

We slaughter the English faster than they cross
And under their weight we see the bridge give way
Many soldiers drown, their army now in chaos
With arrow, sword and spear many a foe we slay

Some English still push forward, others do retreat
Their cavalry is powerless on the marshy field
Relentless we strike against the hated enemy
On this day we demonstrate that we will never yield


The retreating soldiers run into our schiltrons
Our mighty pikes and poles obstruct their flight
Mercilessly we drive them back into the river
Now the English know the Scots' defiant might

The battle now is over and a great victory is ours
Soon all the foe's strongholds in Scotland will fall
A streak of victories will make Wallace a myth
Many of our countrymen will heed freedom's call

The long fight for sovereignty has only just begun
From wounds sustained on this field Moray will die
Eight years from now Wallace drawn and quartered
But even his death will not smother our freedom cry

The wars of independence will go on for sixty years
A valiant struggle for self-determination
Many take up arms to fight the English tyrant
The battle of today to be a lasting inspiration


4. Invictus

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

5. At The Hot Gates I Stand

From the east the shadow comes
The demon-king is rising
Upon the west his greedy eyes
But he will hear our battle cries
Ambassadors come to demand submission
To their vast alien domain
Many cities bow to Persian might
But for our freedom shall we fight

A few thousand strong we march out
To meet an overwhelming force
Blocking the pass to stop their advance
For survival there shall be no chance

At the gates we wait for our foe
Soon their massive army arrives
Yet before swords and spears do sing
Another emissary comes to our king
Making promises to sway our stance
Our weapons he wants us to lay down
Come and get them Leonidas replies
Time has come for battle cries

Vastly outnumbered we stand our ground
Great losses we inflict upon our foe
We rather die free than live in slavery
Even the Immortals can't quell our bravery

At the hot gates I stand
Today I die for my land
For freedom now my blood I shed
For this day was I born and bred

For two days we slaughter the enemy
No matter how many are sent against us
Then we are surrounded on the third day
Still we fight and shall not give way
Most of our allies now withdraw
A few hundred men shall remain to fight
Against impossible odds we shall stand
Today is a good day to die for our land

Scarlet cloaks fight to the death today
With our Thespian brothers side by side
When our spears and swords are shattered
We struggle on no matter how battered


Tell the Spartans, stranger passing by
That obedient to their laws here we lie

6. Foggy Dew

7. Sermon Of The Devil Preacher

Hear me, oh you flock of sheep
My sermon you had better hear
I preach the escape from the light
The one god you need never fear

Heed me, oh you puny humans
My sermon will enlighten you
I preach defiance and opposition
Listen well and you may join too

Look into the brazier
And see the web of lies
The slander of the light
See through the disguise
Look into the brazier
Let the fire illuminate
The splendour of the dark
And pass through the gate

Hear now of the beauty of hatred
Listen to the majesty of pride
Hear of all the glorious sins
And above all the Master's might
Shed now the shroud of hypocrisy
Or forever be a slave to the light
Embrace all vices and serve Him
Join the dark beasts of the night


Hear me, oh you flock of sheep
My sermon you had better hear
I preach the escape from the light
The one god you need never fear

Leave now all illusions of goodness
Of peace and justice and equality
Spit in the face of the false prophets
Indulge forever in brutal blasphemy


8. An Emperor's Stand

An emperor ascended the throne
His realm in downfall and decline
Having submitted to christian lies
The Romans incurred wrath divine
When Julian had assumed power
He took a stand for the olden ways
To restore the glories of the past
And return to the proud pagan ways

Julian was raised a christian
But never believed the lies of the book
In the short days of his reign
Bold steps against the christ he took

Julian the Philisopher
Proudly stood against the creed of lies
The last pagan emperor
Strove to end the false religion's rise

The emperor began a restoration
By edict religious freedom decreed
Many church privileges he revoked
To the Galileans he would not cede
Pagan temples he opened again
Trying to reverse Constantine's crime
Laws he made to weaken the church
But he would not be given much time

Julian took many wise measures
To undermine the christians' control
In less than two years in power
He diligently worked towards his goal


He died in battle against the Persians
Succeeded by another christian pawn
His restoration soon to be undone
A premature end to the new pagan dawn
Religious toleration immediately ended
Julian's measures were all repealed
Pagan worship now punishable by death
The church victory apparently sealed

Less than fifty years after Julian's reign
The empire was in its death throes
Rome would pay for forsaking its gods
The empire crushed by barbarian foes


9. On Wings Of Defiance

Like the tribes who fought the Romans
Like the pagans defending their gods
Like the Scots at Stirling Bridge
We shall struggle against the odds

Never to oppression shall we yield
Fighting with pride for what we believe
No matter how mighty our foe may be
With blood and steel all we can achieve

On the road of rebellion we ride in defiance
Against oppression and mindless compliance

On wings of defiance (4x)

We are the rebels who reject your rule
We are the infidels who fight your creed
We are preachers of the devil's sermon
Never to your power shall we cede

Against overwhelming forces we stand
In bloody battle we may fall and die
Yet our beliefs and ideals shall endure
You will never silence our battle cry

bridge / chorus

Like the Irish who fought an empire
Like the Spartans who stood at the gates
Like the emperor facing the church
We shall do battle in dire straits

In the past many fought for freedom
So many times their lives they gave
Their glorious deeds still inspire us all
Better die free than live as a slave

bridge / chorus