Sermons Of The Infidel
- November 07, 2014 (CD)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass, keyboards on tracks 1-12
- Zagan - guitars
- Wolfram - drums on tracks 13-14
- Herjann - keyboards on track 13
Recorded and mixed between April 2013 and September 2014.

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1. Hymn To The Gods Of Yore

Gods of yore I hear your voice
It's singing in my blood
Wolves are howling your holy song
I see your faces in the stars

Gods of yore I worship you
Your images float my mind
Your temples will surely rise again
Your likeness recast in stone

Gods of yore I draw your signs
Sigils of power and might
Dormant forces awake again
Ancient steel is forged anew

Gods of yore I sing your praise
Your names ring through the air
Abandoning their modern ways
Your people turn back to you

Gods of yore I drink to you
The mead flows in your name
Ancient fires are lit again
Again we sacrifice to you

Gods of yore I'll come to you
Your dwellings in the sky
I hail the true gods of my race
Forever I am yours

2. Trumpets Of Dawn

In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound
Blood and fire and death await us on the battleground
The gods of war are smiling upon their kin this day
Into glorious battle we ride as black prayers we say

The trumpets of dawn are calling
Soon hammers shall be falling
Ride to war! (4x)

In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound
With axe and sword and scythe we will stand our ground
In the cold winter sun our blades of metal do glow
Mixed with morning dew our enemies' blood will flow


In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound
In bloody battle honour and glory will be found
Before the sun has fully risen victory will be ours
We shall burn the spoils to thank the dark powers


3. I Am The Infidel

I am the infidel
I stand against your creed
My venom will poison your sanctimonious seed
I am the infidel
Reason is my name
I will make you bow down in shame

You may burn my book
You may ban my play
You may censor my art
Never shall I give way

I am the infidel
I see beyond your lies
I fight the god who never hears your cries
I am the infidel
Knowledge is my name
I will expose your sick religious game

You may burn my painting
You may ban my song
You may censor my poem
I shall prove you wrong

My hammer shall crush the house of your god
Never shall I be shackled by your false creed
My sword shall tear down your altar of lies
Never your retarded commandments shall I heed

I am the infidel
I am the wolf at your gate
I will show your god is not so great
I am the infidel
Sanity is my name
I will forever quench your zealous flame

You may burn my temple
You may ban my belief
You may censor my speech
Nothing I give you but grief

My hammer shall crush the house of your god
Never shall I be shackled by your false creed
My sword shall tear down your altar of lies
Never your retarded commandments shall I heed

4. Child Of The Millennia

I slept with virgins, I slept with whores
I was a beggar, I wore a crown
I have seen myth fade into history
I was there when Troy's walls came down

I lived in peace, I went to war
I succeeded, I have failed
I have seen religions rise and fall
I was there when Christ was nailed

I'm a child of the millennia
I lived throughout the ages
I'm a child of the millennia
Seen all of history's pages

I have seen the heights of Heaven
I have seen the depths of Hell
But was it real what I have seen
Or an illusion, a dream, a spell

I lived pious, I was a blasphemer
I experienced glory, I endured pain
I have seen rulers conquer and perish
I was there when Caesar was slain

I walked the desert, I sailed the sea
I spoke the truth, I have lied
I have seen empires come and go
I was there when the Romans died


Each century only brings more questions
Even though I have been tired for ages
But there is no escape from existence
So I travel on through history's pages

5. Son Of The Dragon

Prince of many faces, born beyond the forests
Both mediæval warlord, and renaissance prince
Master of cruel tactics, and ruler of justice
Heir of great warriors, sworn the Dragon Oath

Hail, impaler! Son of the Dragon
Hail, impaler! Prince of Walachia
Hail, impaler! Lord of the stake
Hail, impaler! Son of the Dragon

Ascending his throne, avenging his father's murder
Dealings with the devil, impaling his enemies
After Constantinople's fall, sole protector of Europe
20.000 Turks on stakes, 'the forest of the impaled'


After a life of blood and glory
The reaper finally came for Vlad
Defeated not on the battlefield
A traitor's knife in his back

Death did not defeat him, vampire lord supreme
His blood lived on, in Erzsébet's veins
His soul still lives on, his memory we hail
Eternal hero of the west, example to us all


6. Sermon Of The Devil Preacher

Hear me, oh you flock of sheep
My sermon you had better hear
I preach the escape from the light
The one god you need never fear

Heed me, oh you puny humans
My sermon will enlighten you
I preach defiance and opposition
Listen well and you may join too

Look into the brazier
And see the web of lies
The slander of the light
See through the disguise
Look into the brazier
Let the fire illuminate
The splendour of the dark
And pass through the gate

Hear now of the beauty of hatred
Listen to the majesty of pride
Hear of all the glorious sins
And above all the Master's might
Shed now the shroud of hypocrisy
Or forever be a slave to the light
Embrace all vices and serve Him
Join the dark beasts of the night


Hear me, oh you flock of sheep
My sermon you had better hear
I preach the escape from the light
The one god you need never fear

Leave now all illusions of goodness
Of peace and justice and equality
Spit in the face of the false prophets
Indulge forever in brutal blasphemy


7. Alone Against The World

A fire burns within
The flame of steel and hate
I stand against the world
Solely guided by my fate

No possibility of retreat
My steel will soon be tried
My courage will come through
My glory will not be denied

Fighting with metal, the power of steel
Victory or death, to none I shall kneel
Blood will be shed, my enemies fear
The whole world, my war cry will hear

Alone against the world
The courage to stand tall
Alone against the world
My enemies will surely fall

My armour blinds my foes
Shining metal for all to see
The time of wrath has come
All will die or bow before me

Dark knowledge at my side
Wicked powers to prevail
The light forever to wane
The forces of good shall fail

Much hardship I will endure
To overthrow all conformity
Mighty steel will bring victory
Eternal glory waits for me



8. Thermopylae

Amidst the great deeds of Xerxes and his Greek foes
All the valour of the second of the Persian wars
Stands out a single battle as the most heroic
The defence of a mountain pass by a Spartan force

A strategic error left several hundred Spartan men
Surrounded by an overwhelming Persian might
For two days they managed to hold on to the pass
Led by king Leonidas to the last man they did fight

Thermopylae (4x)

The Spartans were exceptional in their courage
Whatever number their foe they would not retreat
With hearts of steel and incredible battle prowess
They managed to achieve such an amazing feat

Even though the Spartans lost this great battle
Time was gained for the Greek armies and fleet
The progress of the vast Persian army was halted
And the Greeks were prepared their foe to meet

Thermopylae (4x)

At Salamis the Persian fleet was largely sunk
And at Plataea the Greek army proved the best
It was the beginning of the empire's downfall
Establishing the Greek dominance of the west

9. City Of Satan

Behind the black walls lies the city of hate
Unspeakable horrors behind its black gate
Evil far worse than where Sodom once stood
A city defined by the utter absence of good

Murder and rape and unspeakable desires
All the city's inhabitants are killers and liars
The populace revels in incest and depravity
There is no god here just glorious immorality

No one is innocent in the city of the depraved
Harlots are slaughtered and children are enslaved
Fathers rape their daughters and kill the unborn
Behind these walls all revel in hate and scorn

Virtue is unknown here only lust and hate are real
The citizens only know the dark urges they feel
Kindness and humanity are kept outside the walls
In this city the populace heeds the Master's calls

City of Satan
Citadel of hate
Darkness and doom
Hell's unholy gate
City of Satan
Stronghold of lust
Irreverence and sin
Paragon of disgust

Suffering and torture, decadence and blasphemy
Orgies of hate and violence, total indecency
Animals are raped and the sacrificed to Hell
Mothers fellate their sons and witches cast a spell

City streets are littered with mutilated corpses
Every night blood and semen flow in black masses
The flag of hate proudly waves above the black walls
While orgies continue in this infernal city's halls


10. Chosen By The Gods

I am the one who was chosen by the gods
To unleash a holy war upon mankind
I am the one shall fight against the odds
Never will I rest 'til my last fiend is dead

I will storm the walls of hypocrisy and lies
I will kill those who dare to defy
At any cost I will conquer or die
Can you see the fires of hate in my eyes

Chosen by the gods
To unleash a holy war
Against all the odds
I will soon take my place amongst the gods

Years have gone since I received my holy task
Years of endurance and tremendous sacrifice
But I will succeed I will taste victory
And I will buy those who tried to fight me

Ride with thousands and fight against millions
They will surely die or end up as slaves
World domination or a disgraceful death
Cold and nameless grave should I ever fail

Chosen by the gods
I will taste victory
Against all the odds
I will soon take my place amongst the gods

I am the rock that stands in the sea
I am the eagle that flies beyond reach
I am the old wall that cannot be breached
I am the wind that will bring you to your knees

Chosen by the gods
The rock in the sea
Against all the odds
I will soon take my place amongst the gods

11. Chapel Of Doom

A morbid organ fills the chapel of doom
With horrible sounds, litanies of gloom
Oh! Lady of darkness, the Goat is so near
Are you in trance, or filled with fear?
Are you a victim, of an unspeakable rite
Or a black priestess sacrificing at night
Maybe you are trapped within a spell
Who will ever know, who will ever tell?

Where must I travel? Where must I go?
To find your soul, or maybe my own?
Will I find you where eagles fly?
Or to find you, must I die?

Will you fly on the first night of May
To the Harz or even further away?
Will I ever be able to set you free
Or will you be damned eternally?
Caught in a spell outside my life
I beg of thee, Master, let her be my wife!
The horns, the sign, the blood, the tears
We all walk in shadows of ancient fears


12. Bloed In De Sneeuw

Oude toortsen zijn opnieuw ontstoken
Onze ketenen voor altijd gebroken
Niet langer door valse moraal geknecht
Halen wij met vuur en staal ons recht

Bloed vloeit in de sneeuw
Hoort 't gebrul van Neêrlands leeuw
Ziet de laffe verraders beven
Beter vrij te sterven dan geknecht te leven

De slavenkoning en diens volgelingen
Zullen wij verslaan met magische ringen
Tot Wodan bidden wij andermaal
Onze zielen en zwaarden hard als staal


Door mist en regen, wind en kou
Rijden wij trots, gelaten zo grauw
Grimmig en o zo vastberaden
Ditmaal kennen wij geen genade

Donar zal ons weer beschermen
Onze vijanden zullen kermen
Onze zwaarden rood van bloed en roest
Nu gebeurt wat gebeuren moest


Het rijk van Jehovah is gevallen
Ziet de lijken van zijn vazallen
Gezuiverd is nu onze geboortegrond
Ziet de nieuwe heidense morgenstond

13. The Veils Of Negative Existence (Manilla Road cover)

14. Feuer Und Blut

15. Hell's Rock & Roll

The devil sat down
To hear the gospel choir
It made him sick
But kindled a desire
To have His own music
Hymns sung to Him
Music for the dark
Songs of sin

So the devil inspired
Some long-haired men
To dress in black
And play on ten
With razor guitars
And thundering bass
With pounding drums
And screams like crazed

Heavy Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Black Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Heavy Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Black Metal - Hell's rock & roll

Now the devil sits down
To hear the metal band
It makes Him smile
Evil made a stand
So we play on
Possessed by Hell
We just can't stop
It's the metal spell